Cómo Quickers apoya el emprendimiento universitario en todo el mundo para empoderar a los estudiantes y las sociedades

 Cómo Quickers apoya el emprendimiento universitario en todo el mundo para empoderar a los estudiantes y las sociedades

Cómo Quickers apoya el emprendimiento universitario en todo el mundo para empoderar a los estudiantes y las sociedades

Quickers, que capacita a los estudiantes para innovar, revoluciona el espíritu empresarial universitario y provoca un cambio global.

University entrepreneurship plays a crucial role in fostering innovation, creating job opportunities, and driving economic growth. As the world evolves, universities are increasingly recognizing the importance of equipping their students with entrepreneurial skills. Quickers, a global platform dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, has been at the forefront of supporting universities in their mission to boost student entrepreneurship. In partnership with institutions of higher learning, Quickers is paving the way for students to turn their innovative ideas into successful ventures. Let's see how!

Quickers is the Tech-Catalyst for University Entrepreneurship

Quickers is an innovative platform that partners with universities worldwide, aiming to promote entrepreneurship among students. By offering a comprehensive suite of resources, mentorship, and funding opportunities, Quickers empowers young and aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life.

Access to Incubation

Quickers provides universities with a robust incubation ecosystem, allowing students to nurture their startup ideas. The platform facilitates an environment where creativity, innovation, and mentorship are readily available. Universities can offer this incubation service to their students at no monthly cost, thanks to Quickers' commitment to promoting entrepreneurship.


Here, everyone commits

While Quickers provides free incubation for students at partner universities, there is a nominal commitment fee of €5000 per year for the institution. This fee acts as an investment in the entrepreneurial potential of their students and can be used as credits to support and invest in startups affiliated with the university. This unique approach aligns the interests of universities and their students while fostering a culture of entrepreneurship on campus.

Benefits of Quickers' Support

Quickers' backing for university entrepreneurship offers a range of significant advantages, including:

  • Skill Development: Quickers facilitates on-campus training programs, equipping students with practical entrepreneurial skills and fostering innovation at universities.
  • Networking Opportunities: Through Quickers, students gain access to a global network of entrepreneurs, mentors, and potential investors. These connections serve as a valuable resource throughout their entrepreneurial journey, both on campus and beyond.

Funding and Resources

Quickers provides students with access to funding opportunities and essential resources needed to bring their startup ideas to life, mitigating one of the most significant barriers to entrepreneurship.


Economic Impact

By promoting university entrepreneurship, Quickers contributes to the economic development of societies. Startups launched by students can lead to job creation and innovations that benefit their local communities and beyond.

Quickers is pivotal in supporting university entrepreneurship worldwide, empowering students and societies alike. Its commitment to offering free incubation for students and a novel commitment fee structure for universities demonstrates a dedication to fostering entrepreneurship. 

By partnering with universities, Quickers is catalyzing a new generation of innovators, and the impact of this support extends far beyond the campus walls, positively influencing the economies and societies in which these students reside. 

As universities and entrepreneurs continue to explore new horizons, Quickers is a driving force, ensuring that the future of entrepreneurship is bright and promising.

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