Latytude Desktop SaaS

Latytude Desktop SaaS

Latytude is the Desktop SaaS that allows Sales Teams to maximize productivity and track company convertibility throughout a desktop platform with ready-to-use lead generator and high convertibility with AI tools

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Next-generation tool for Sales Managers! Geotech and Accounting System technology allow professionals to manage their Sales Work-Force in an efficient way. Give Your Reps Everything They Need For A Productive Day, Right At Their Fingertips. Your reps didn’t get into sales because they love data entry. Latytude eliminates the tension between staying productive and logging customer engagements, helping your team increase activity and get complete customer data.


Latytude gets Backed! Let's Kick Off :)

hace 2 años

A company and Technology originally designed by Quickers. The first seed-investment has been put in place and we cannot wait to test it in the market! Backedlaced to accelerate developments :)


How will be funds used?
The funds raised will be used to develop the needed technology that will allow Latytude to generate AI and Big Data analysis to increase the value proposition for customers and enrich the user experience that will accelerate revenue recognition of every company by improving the operations methods of sales experience.
Business Model
A company or a team of people can subscribe to Latytude in 3 forms Fremium (0 €/mo/user), Gold (9.99€/mo/user) or Business (15.99 €/mo/user). The company will be assigned with a COMPANY KEY that will be unique for any member to join the team. The users of the team can find new customers by using the geolocalization feature of latitude, add new customers to the company database, and generate new leads opportunities. The users can also generate new quotes and setup meetings with customers all in the same app. Payments are Monthly Based or Anual Based (with discount) and new features can be unblocked as users get to the limit of their type of subscription.
What is Latytude?
Latytude is a digital platform for Companies and Sales Managers. It allows companies to track real time insights form market activity and report aggregated data to better trak sales performances and lead opportunities. Latytude simplifies the Sales Activity through digital technology and features such as: 1) A Map with Geolocalized Pins (customers) that report activity, quotations, and data activity 2) Create hundreds of new leads and generate Databases of new customers with just one click! 3) Generate quotes and report the business KPI's in real-time by assigning to your team targets of units, customers, or revenue All with the easiest UX for any team to succeed!

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