Here you will find the set of computer science activities dedicated to creating, designing, deploying, and supporting software development for complex processes. We help Startups (SME) and Corporations willing to embrace the Lean Startup Quickers approach

Front End: HTML 5, CSS, JS, Angular, React, Vue.js, Flutter Web

Back End: Core PHP, Node.js (JavaScript), Flask (python), Django (python), Laravel (PHP)

Danz Platforms: Shopify, Wordpress, Wix, SquareSpace

Database Development: Mongo DB, MySQL

Front End


Back End



CMS Systems

Mobile App

Native: Swift, Android Studio Front End java, Kotln 5, Laravel PHP, CSS, JS, React Native, Flutter, Objective-C Back End: Java, C++, python, GO, PHP,  Database Development: Mongo DB, SQL, Firebase

Front End


Back End




Augmented Reality (AR)
Reach out to us to get your own AR app. An existing specific use-case or a high-level idea for a future app – we welcome both and look forward to working with you. Environmental understanding Image recognition Motion tracking Light estimation We provide integration of AR apps’ back ends with your internal systems, regardless of the in-house solutions you use: ERP, CRM, PIM, etc. Our integration processes ensure fast 3D model retrieval from data storage, secure communication with your AR metadata storage and other related services, as well as synchronization of necessary user information with your CRM or other business software. Technology used: iOS ARkit, Androide ARCore, Vuforia, AR Toolkit, Unity ·d, 3DS Max.

C++, C#, Java, Kotlin, Python, Dart


Front End

A front-end web development is responsible for implementing visual elements that users see and interact within a web/app application. It is usually supported by back-end web development which is responsible for server-side application logic and integration of the work front-end development work.

Features List.

We provide a wide array of Usable & Flexible Features

Front End (FE) web development

Development of the graphical user interface of a website, through the use of HTML, PHP Laravel, CSS, or JavaScript among other technologies so that users can view and interact with that website!

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