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Quick HR


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  • Employee Professional Profile

    Create comprehensive and detailed profiles for employees, ensuring streamlined HR management and easy access to essential information.

  • Employee Vacation Plan

    Effortlessly manage and track employee vacation schedules and leaves, promoting efficient resource allocation within your organization.

  • Contract Generation

    Generate contracts swiftly and efficiently, reducing administrative burden and ensuring accurate documentation for various HR processes.

  • Payroll Management System

    Simplify payroll processes with a user-friendly system that generates and manages payments, minimizing errors and promoting timely salary disbursements.

  • 360 Feedback (Internal and External)

    Enable comprehensive feedback collection among employees and customers, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and enhancing overall performance and satisfaction.

  • Integration of Attendance

    Seamlessly integrate and manage employee attendance, simplifying the tracking and monitoring of work hours and schedules within your organization.


Frequently asked questions about Quickers AI

Quick HR is an AI-powered HR tool providing essential services like employee onboarding, vacation planning, performance tracking, contract generation, payroll systems, and more across different subscription plans.

The Starter plan includes features such as employee profiles, vacation planning, asset tracking, training management, contract generation, payroll systems, absence management, and integrated website appearance (API).

The Plus subscription extends services of the Starter plan and includes advanced features like time-off tracking, enhanced contract generation, improved payroll management, and tools for employee engagement.

The Corporate subscription is tailored for large enterprises and offers all Plus features along with custom reporting, dedicated account management, advanced analytics, and comprehensive HR tools.

Yes, for specific or larger-scale HR needs, we provide custom solutions tailored to individual enterprise requirements. Contact our sales team for personalized solutions.

This feature allows for comprehensive feedback collection—both internally among employees and externally from customers—for a holistic view of performance and customer satisfaction.

Absolutely! Quick HR assists in designing and managing employee growth plans, fostering professional development and organizational growth.

Yes, Quick HR incorporates a time and attendance system to monitor employee work hours, providing an efficient way to manage staff schedules.

Quick HR offers an API feature, allowing seamless integration with your website, maintaining a consistent look and feel for users.

Yes, it facilitates job posting and recruitment processes, streamlining hiring activities within the platform.

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