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13 Mar Antonio. H. Carrera 1 month ago
Digital transformation will generate new job opportunities… but you must gain some tech skills!

It is a reality that COVID-19 has accelerated the trend of labour tasks and the design of types of jobs. From automation to the inclusion of robotics, we have moved to a new design, which is how we make our businesses more digital, such as contacting our customers digitally, online sales stores, interacting with our customers in real time will necessarily generate demand for startups to help fill in the gap.

04 Feb A.H. Carrera 2 months ago
The principles of sustainability policies: European Green Deal Project

The European Green Deal means a deep transformation of the European Economic Model. To that end, it is necessary to promote a new concept of clean and circular economy where starups play a fundamental role.

21 Nov Aktionlegal 4 months ago
Spain: Tax benefits for investment in Startups

People who invest in newly created companies may deduct 30% of the amounts invested up to a limit of 60,000 euros per year

01 Nov Crunchbase 5 months ago
Airbnb IPO is here

Airbnb’s IPO Is A Big Deal For The Company. It’s Big For Y Combinator, Too.

01 Nov Alberto H. Estarriaga 5 months ago
Coronavirus & the weight of China in the Global Economy

As pandemic evolves, Startups scramble for cash driven by macroeconomics and mobility drops

01 Nov Crunchbase 5 months ago
$50 million Inclusive Investing Fund from Washington DC

Zeal Capital Partners, a Washington, D.C.-based venture capital firm that got its start in February, has raised $22.3 million on its way to its first $50 million Inclusive Investing Fund.


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