The program centers around you and your journey to success. We recognize the courage it takes to venture into entrepreneurship, and our program is dedicated to empowering startups like yours with the guidance and resources necessary to flourish. It's a structured roadmap that leads you from the initial concept to building an investible startup, providing invaluable support and opportunities at every step of your entrepreneurial path.

Quickers Incubation Program is committed to nurturing the success stories of tomorrow. We provide a well-defined path, expert guidance, and a supportive ecosystem to help startups realize their potential, secure investments, and ultimately thrive in the ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape. Join us on this transformative journey to turn your innovative ideas into thriving businesses.

Step 1: Application

Our journey begins with a simple yet crucial step – your application. We invite aspiring entrepreneurs to apply to our program, sharing their innovative ideas and business concepts. This initial phase sets the foundation for your entrepreneurial voyage.

Step 2: Business Information & BMC

Moving forward, we delve deeper into your startup's intricacies. We gather comprehensive information about your business, focusing on the Business Model Canvas (BMC). This phase helps refine your business model and sets the course for the planning phase.

Step 3: Business Planning

The heart of the incubation process lies in robust business planning. Our program equips startups with the tools and knowledge required to develop well-structured business plans, ensuring a solid foundation for future success.

Step 4: Graduation (Certified Investible Startup)

Upon successful completion of our program, your startup achieves the coveted status of a "Certified Investible Startup." This certification not only validates your readiness for external investments but also marks the beginning of your fundraising journey.

Step 5: Finance Planning

To achieve your fundraising goals, we guide startups in organizing events and campaigns that effectively communicate their cause. Our platform ensures that all necessary elements are in place to maximize the chances of fundraising success, paving the way for financial sustainability.

Step 6: Fundraising

Startups can confidently collaborate with investors and strategic partners within our secure environment. Our platform facilitates these collaborations through automatically generated contracts and transactions, streamlining debt/equity arrangements and ensuring a secure and efficient fundraising process.

Step 7: Series Seed

At this stage, startups have the opportunity to secure significant funding, allowing them to capitalize on their business potential and support their growth strategies. We connect startups with investors ready to fuel their expansion.

Step 8: Series A + Beyond

In some cases, business requirements escalate, demanding substantial capital in the millions to execute expansion plans. We facilitate connections with investors who can provide the resources needed for ambitious growth strategies. Additionally, we guide startups in exploring potential exit strategies when the time is right.

Features List.

We provide a wide array of Usable & Flexible Features

Comprehensive Incubation Journey

Quickers provides startups with a structured and comprehensive incubation journey, guided by the power of AI and the capabilities of Web 3.0. This ensures startups are well-prepared for the challenges of the modern business landscape.

Business Model Canvas (BMC) Focus

We emphasize the importance of a strong business model, supported by AI-driven insights. Our program includes a deep dive into your Business Model Canvas, ensuring startups have a well-defined and viable business model optimized with AI recommendations.

Business Planning Action

Quickers offers robust business planning, equipping startups with the knowledge and tools required to develop well-structured business plans that are investor-ready, with blockchain-based security to protect sensitive data.

Investor Certification

Graduating from our program means achieving the status of a "Certified Investible Startup." This certification signifies readiness for external investments, enhanced by AI-driven analysis, and grants startups credibility in the investor community.

Fundraising Assistance

We provide guidance and support to help startups plan and execute fundraising activities effectively, utilizing AI-driven predictive analytics. This includes organizing events and campaigns, ensuring they have all the elements in place for fundraising success.

Investor Connections

Quickers facilitates connections between startups and investors, powered by AI matchmaking algorithms, making it easier for entrepreneurs to secure funding. Our platform streamlines the fundraising process with automatically generated contracts and transactions for debt/equity arrangements, secured by blockchain technology for trust and transparency.

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